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Zanesville, Ohio Motel/ Ohio Hotel

Motorcycle Getaway – Ohio

Enjoy the many great roads of Southeastern Ohio on your Motorcycle as this part of Ohio offers some of the best Motorcycle travel experiences in the State, small groups and large groups alike will enjoy our family-owned accommodations at Baker’s Motel plus you can park your Motorcycle right in front of your room. When staying with us we can provide you special cloths to wipe your bike on our dew filled mornings at no extra charge.

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Below you will find a small list of some great roads to travel on your Motorcycle all within a short ride from the motel, let us be your hub this weekend to enjoy the open roads.

The Triple Nickel – A 60-mile stretch along 555 is a favorite of Motorcycle enthusiasts coming to this area.

Ohio Motorcycle Getaway

Ohio Hwy 555, a 60 mile stretch of mostly rural highway about 25 miles west of I-77, thru the towns of Ringgold, Chesterhill, & Cutler. See larger map with directions.

Southeast Ohio has an annual group ride, the 2nd Saturday in August, plus info & maps for self-guided rides.

Amish Country is north of Zanesville, near Millersburg. There are scenic byways in all directions from Millersburg listed on the Ohio DOT byways website. Here’s more Amish Country information.

With Fall just around the corner, you will enjoy the changing of the leaves, nice cool fall days though to be honest August days this year have not been that bad either though I would always recommend checking the weather forecast so that you can really enjoy your ride.
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