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    Best Ohio Deer Hunting / Gun Season – Bow Season

    Deer season is a special time in Muskingum County Ohio, the heart of the Big Buck hunting in the State of Ohio. Baker’s Motel wants to make your deer hunting experience enjoyable and what better way than to offer discounted rates, especially for those hunters spending up to a week or two. Our special rates will be soft on your pocket book plus we offer refrigerators and microwave ovens, try us today!

    Deer Gun Season 2024– 4 or more nights book your rooms now to assure you have a room. One and Two night reservations can book after October 2024 based on availability.

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Hunting in Ohio – Gun Season / Bow Season Hunting in Muskingum County

Some of Ohio’s best hunting is right in here in Muskingum County and Baker’s Motel is in a prime location for hunters. Ohio Power has loads of public hunting land, here are a few articles on what Muskingum County has to offer:

Muskingum County’s Trophy Buck Hotspots

It’s good news for Ohio deer hunters that Muskingum County produces high annual deer kills and contains some of the biggest public hunting areas in the state. Make plans to be there this month!

Hunting Vacation Ohio: Muskingum County

Less than an hour east of Columbus, Muskingum County features eastern Ohio’s rugged hardwood and open grassland habitat along with several public lands that offer some of Ohio’s best deer hunting.

Year after year, Muskingum County leads the state in total deer harvests. The 2002 gun season produced over 5,100 deer following a record-breaking bow season, including some 2,500 does.
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Ohio Bow and Arrow Outfitters of Muskingum and Guernsey County

Baker’s Motel

Muskingum County is not only home to some of the largest White tail deer population in Ohio but also some excellent outfitters, providing you professional service and great hunting locations can easily improve your chances to bag that monster buck. Additionally for those hunters who take the time to head to our county early to scout for great locations there are an abundant land owners looking to lease their properties.

Muskingum County Bow and Arrow Outfitters offer whitetail deer hunting in the heart of Ohio deer hunting country. They are located in Muskingum County Ohio where more trophy deer are taken each year than anywhere in the State of Ohio. All of your deer hunts are 100% fair chase!

Local Deer Hunting Outfitters

  1. Buck Whisperer Outfitter  – Matt Reed, Phone 740-487-5055
  2. OBA Outfitters – Brian Michael, Phone 740-819-4595

Muskingum County offers Top Hunting for:

Turkey Hunting, Squirrel, Pheasant, Rabbit
Bow Hunting / Archery Season
Gun Season / Shotgun Hunting
Muzzle Loading for Big Bucks

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