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Download TTLock from the App Store!. ​

We have digital locks on all rooms, when you book your room online we can send you a code if you are coming in after 9:00, go straight to your room and pay us in the morning. Digital codes for doors are available for those that do not have smartphones. Smartphone users can download our key app “TTLock” at the App Store, this is especially nice should you be staying multiple nights.

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Making an After Hour Reservation / Book Early – Before 9 pm:

    1.  Call or Book Online – If you book it online be sure you put the arrival time on your reservation.
    2. Should you make a reservation and need a late check-in we will bill your card prior to 9 pm,  we will send you your room lock code, followed up with a phone call to confirm receipt and understanding the use of the code.  Please refer to a short video on this page on how locks work as we will not be available till 6:30 am otherwise.
    3. Rest assured though if you are unable to use our locks and do not gain access you will not be charged unless you damage our door.  Our door locks do inform us as to if they were opened by code or not.
    4.  There is also a phone app for opening our doors, When you push the button like in image on your right your door unlocks.  You must download this at the app store for your respective phone (TTLock App).  This app works to unlock your door simply by pushing the key in your app, it is that simple.  Questions feel free to call us.

We will not call you to see if you are coming late, it is your responsibility to call us prior to 9 pm or inform us via e-mail or when making the reservation as after this time our door is locked and we do not answer the phone.

Weekly Special : Pay for 6 nights to get the seventh night free, or you can receive a discounted rate for staying more than 3 nights. Our discounted rates start when you pay for 3 or more nights in advance, paying day by day does not qualify you for the discounted rate, the 3-day rate is available when booking online.