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Self Register – Contactless Booking

Self Register – Contactless Booking

Registering for a room just got easier at Baker’s Motel. When you walk into the office, you will see an iPad attached to the wall. Push the button on the right to start the registration process. You will need a credit card to use this system, but it streamlines the process and eliminates the need to see a clerk.

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Once you have registered, either a code will be emailed to you, or an e-key will be sent to your phone if you have the Ttlock app downloaded on your phone. Then, you go to your room with the code, tap on the lock screen, and when it lights up, enter the code, press the key icon at the bottom right, and enter your room. 

Yes, it is that easy!
Our office usually closes in the winter around 9 pm, though you can register online at this website using your smartphone for that late arrival, and I can send you a code to access the room.  


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