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Motorcycle Getaway – Ohio

Motorcycle Getaway - Ohio

Exploring the Open Road: The Best Motorcycle Roads in Southeastern Ohio

Southeastern Ohio, also known as Appalachian Ohio, is known for its rolling hills, lush forests, and beautiful landscapes. These attributes, combined with winding roads and minimal traffic, make this region a motorcyclist’s paradise. Here, we bring you an exciting collection of the best motorcycle roads in Southeastern Ohio, perfect for your next ride.

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Ohio State Route 26

Widely considered one of the top motorcycle routes in Ohio, State Route 26 offers a scenic tour of the Ohio River Valley. The route begins in Marietta and stretches north to Woodsfield. The 45-mile ride features sweeping curves and views of the Little Muskingum River, farmlands, and covered bridges, offering a nostalgic trip back in time.

Ohio State Route 555 – The Triple Nickel

The Triple Nickel is a must-ride for any motorcycle enthusiast. Route 555 runs from Zanesville to Little Hocking, presenting a challenging 62-mile stretch filled with twists, turns, and hills. It’s not recommended for novice riders due to its technical nature, but for experienced bikers, it’s a thrill ride through stunning rural landscapes.

Ohio State Route 78 – The Hocking Hills

Route 78, also known as the Hocking Hills Scenic Byway, provides bikers with a mesmerizing journey through the Hocking Hills region. From the Wayne National Forest to the Hocking State Forest, the route is surrounded by beautiful, dense woodlands, making for a peaceful and scenic ride.

Ohio State Route 536

Known for its severe twists, turns, and changes in elevation, Route 536 is another great choice for thrill-seeking motorcyclists. Starting in Hannibal and ending in Jerusalem, this 20-mile route provides a short but intense ride through the Ohio countryside.

Ohio State Route 56

Route 56 offers an impressive ride through the Hocking Hills area. Stretching from Circleville to Athens, the route includes tight turns, long straights, and breathtaking views of cliffs, waterfalls, and caves.

Ohio State Route 83

Route 83, also known as the Appalachian Highway, is another fantastic motorcycling route. The section from Beverly to Avondale is particularly scenic, showcasing the Appalachian foothills’ natural beauty and featuring numerous twists and turns to keep the ride interesting.

Ohio State Route 676

Route 676 is a shorter but highly enjoyable route for motorcyclists. Running from Marietta to Waterford, this 17-mile route offers gentle turns and pleasant views of farmland and the Muskingum River.

Ohio State Route 124

Last but not least, Route 124 provides a delightful ride along the Ohio River. The section from Pomeroy to Racine offers excellent river views, plenty of curves, and the charm of small river towns.

Enjoy The Ride In Southeastern Ohio

Whether you’re seeking a challenging ride filled with hairpin turns or a relaxing cruise amidst lush landscapes, Southeastern Ohio has a route to suit every motorcyclist’s preference. As always, remember to ride responsibly and ensure that your bike is in good working condition before hitting the road. Enjoy the charm and beauty of Southeastern Ohio and the freedom of exploring these incredible motorcycle routes.

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