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2020 Slow Start with COVID19

2020 Slow Start with COVID19

Even though our Motel like all properties is hit with COVID19 we had already planned some upgrades early on in the year so we went ahead and moved forward with the updates which include a complete change from smoking to non-smoking on two rooms so they got everything from paint, lights, new fixtures in bathrooms with new toilet, sink mirrors, lighting then in the main room new heater-air unit beds, flooring and furniture all were changed.

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Additionally we changed the flooring also in 6 more rooms to a high-end laminate flooring which looks great and will wear like iron, these rooms will be great for anyone with allergies so we will call the the clean rooms.

We are sure that you will love these rooms, we have also updated many vanities and toilets in our rooms also, all of the new flooring rooms also received new bathroom doors which are 6-panel wood doors.

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